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Tokyo Bunka Embroidery

Bunka yarn

Bunka Yarn is a embroidery that works with uses original threads.
We do not follow another embroidery example; we get closer by using a wide range of handicrafts.

Kao logo high grade Bunka Yarn;

Smooth texture threads come together?c The handicraft for the most suitable embroidery. Flexible and reliable feel in the material used?c Interaction between various kinds of techniques. With a great number of 217 colors of hand crafted threads?c It contains gradation and gold and silver threads. (Lame) The color remains for a long time, specially, in a color lose case the numbers of color threads are dyed in a process in the making. Small bundle... 5.5 mm for the economic size.

Kao logo high grade Bunka Yarn (Small bundle)
Note: 1 Bundle (1 color = 5.5 mm unit) units can be ordered.
Normal color thread Rayon 100%
Gradation color thread 100%
Lame color thread 88% Polyester 12%

Note: Lame (No. 111~135)
: Gradation (No. 91~100-110)
Except No. 98. Explanation about Bunka Yarn: Small bundle cannot be sale in pieces.

In the start of the 1900 century in England, as new fibers, the developed Rayon was used as material; our company in the year 1926 thought and developed the lily yarn embroidery making painting. Bunka embroidery grew along with the name Kaou high grade logo Bunka Yarn, during in more or less 90 years making the handicraft enthusiast become closer.

Nowadays in addition to the Bunka embroidery, you can find TEMARI handiwork, KAZARI handiwork and ornament displays. It is being used extensively as packaging materials.

Mainly the general term is knitted in Rayon thread and assembled.
Because the center of the thread is caved, it is flexible, really smooth and shiny, in the beginning these handicraft materials have been used extensively as accessories and clothing materials.
In the recent years cotton thread, silk thread and nylon, among others material are used and the lily yarn which size change can be increased was introduced.

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