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Tokyo Bunka Embroidery

Tokyo Bunka embroidery is popular in the world:

The Tokyo Bunka embroidery started in Japan in the year 1920 (Taisho Era). In 1926, it's products started expanding inside Japan through high school girls students. It has been almost 100 years of history that have passed for this traditional craft in Japan. During this time we also have received a Minister of Education Award.

Features of Tokyo Bunka embroidery:

It's easier than other embroideries to get started.
Like paintings,Tokyo Bunka embroidery has many of representations.
It includes color numbers. Although, depending on the author each production is different.
Each author can make an original product because there are many ways to make it.
Another interesting feature is that you can choose your way of making it; the basic one or the original one.
You can buy your Bunka embroidery kit or you can also get the materials you need.

Japanese traditional craft spread to the world:

We sale our Tokyo Bunka embroidery to the world.
It was brought to the United States starting with a family involved with the army in Japan. In addition to this, the Japanese people brought it other countries like; Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Sweden, England and other European countries. It was also brought to other regions of Asia and South America. Now many countries use it as a common embroidery technique.

Education Achievement Award:

The President of Tokyo Bunka embroidery, Mr. Kiso got an Education Achievement Award in the year 2010.

Features of Bunka Yarn:

Our Bunka yarn has 219 colors. Itfs very useful to make dollhouse clothes and small items. By comparing to others you can realize that because our yarn is shiny and easy to use, you can make curly hair styles that are suitable for dolls.

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