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Tokyo Bunka Embroidery

Details about the products

In order to make a simple and familiar design the Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, shows you each of the numbers for the Bunka yarn colors. In the embroidery cloth you can find the number of each color printed. Anyone can easily make the embroidery.

Design explanation
¦The design of the below is example and there are about 400 kinds of total kit designs.
Fuji motive:

We call gRed Fujih the phenomenon when the Mount Fuji is dyed in red during the beginning of the fall when the morning sun shines over it. In Japan it is said that it is a lucky omen. By the way Red Fuji in gHaikuh is used as a seasonal word in summer.

Red Bamboo motive:

Red Bamboo is a Japanese traditional design that represents good luck. It expresses congratulations, fortune and happiness, and intelligence and virtue. It is also a simple and traditional design in a soothing composition that is usually used as a present to be enjoyed during new constructions and housewarming.

Goddess of Mercy DARUMA, god of wealth EBISU (god of fishing and commerce) motive:

This good look design can be enjoyed a lot when a new store will open or when the construction is taking place. How about giving this present to an important person for you?

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Sailing boats motive:

A dynamic design of sailing boats is really popular design. It could look like a difficult to make at first,, but even the beginners in Bunka embroidery can make it in a simple way.
This design is called gSmooth Sailingh and it continues to bring favorable winds to those who enjoy it.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Crane motive:

Everyone in Japan knows that crane is a symbol of longevity. This beautiful shape brings a familiar feeling in China as a most prominent bird. Also it delights Japanese people as a happy and good-natured bird for celebrations.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Hawk motive:

In the big skies the calm flying hawk is recognized as the king among the birds of prey. This beautiful and strong-looking motive has inspired a lot designs that are loved since old times. Not only in Asia or Japan, the strong hawk has been used in crests and symbols in many countries all over the world.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Sparrow motive:

We could maybe say that the Sparrow in Japan is the closest bird to the people. This everyday element can inspire Bunka embroidery to create a design with these delicate characteristics.


Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Tree Peony (Flower)

The large-flowered tree peony that blooms in mid-winter matches the snowy landscape beautifully and its big petals are colorful and vivid. In China the Tree Peony is called the kings flower and it is taken with great care. Also in Japan this blossomed big-flowered Peony is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Sakura:

In Japan the most loved flower could easily be the Sakura. Also in the Bunka embroidery it is a really popular design. The Sakura symbolizes a Japanese way of life. Also, because the flowers fall quickly when the spring comes, it is also known as the flower that shows transient beauty.
Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Traditional drawings motive

Dragon, KABUTO (Japanese style helmet) and warrior's drawings are a traditional Japanese genre. Flower cars and Japanese dolls, among others, are also included in this genre. Other foreign designs that can be requested are included in these category.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Fierce Tigers motive:

Because the tiger is known as the strong animal that gtravels far and returns farh since old times it is liked as a design for special celebrations. It is not impossible for Tokyo Bunka embroidery to make these appealing and strong-looking designs!

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, cute animal's motive:

Because these designs are easy to make and loved by everyone, it is a set that we introduced and recommend.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Horse motive:

The embroidery of lively motion horses is expanding. The expression of the muscles is a trait that that only we at Bunka embroidery can make.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Fish:

Even the shadows of the scales of the gently swimming colored carps, among others, can be captured in the designs we make at the Bunka embroidery.

Tokyo Bunka embroidery kit, Old fashion (Old designs):

Bunka embroidery makes hand crafted goods that show the last 100 years of Japanese traditional history. This page introduces the first period of Bunka embroidery. Please enjoy our influential and profound designs.

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