Bunka embroidery mail order shop,Managed by general sales agency IWASE Co.,Ltd. We deliver you the traditional culture of the gGood Old Daysh
Tokyo Bunka Embroidery

Tokyo Bunka Embroidery/p`

- Q. How to order?

. Please check our Japanese website. [http://bunkasisyu.com/ ]

Currently we only have Japanese available but you can order by selecting the product number. Also if you have our catalog, you can order the number on the catalog as well. If you donft, please send us your information to the following email and we will send you the catalog; Iwase012@eos.ocn.ne

*About our catalog. [http://tokyobunkaembroi.lolipop.jp/catalog.htm ]

- Q. Can wholesale stores get special prices? If so, what's the minimum order?

A. If youfre wholesale store, please send us an email and we will give you more details.

- Q. How to pay?

You can pay via PayPal or credit cards. We will pay for the service fee.

- Q. How do you make deliveries and whatfs shipping cost?

A. Currently we are using the post office delivery service. Please check their home page to get the information about pricing and shipping details.


- North America 5 kg / 8200 yen.
- Europe 5 kg / 9400 yen.
- Australia 5 kg / 6000 yen.

5 kg = 20 kits of the Bunka embroidery.

Japan post office home page. [http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html ]

- Q. Whatfs the estimated time for arrival of the products?

. It depends on the country we are shipping to. We process and ship our products in three business days after we get the order.


- Shipments to Asia take about 5 to 12 days.
- Shipments to Oceania take over 7 days.
- Shipments to North America take over 6 days.
- Shipments to South America take over 7 days.
- Shipments to Europe take over 5 days.

*Please check the post office home page to find more details about shipping times.
[http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/index.html ]

- Q. How do you pay for shipping costs?

A. Currently we accept PayPal or credit cards.

- Q. How do you keep our information privacy?

All your private information is protected by the law. We keep all the customers information in our office where nobody has access to it.

- Q. How about tax?

Most cases you don't have to pay for Taxes. However if your country charges tax to your order you need to pay it by yourself. Please call your countryfs respective institution in charge.

- Q. Can the products be returned?

A. Yes. If you find something wrong with your order, please send us an email so we can give you further information.

- Q. What countries do you deliver?

A. We have customers all over the world.


- USA.
- Canada.
- Australia.
- Sweden.
- England.
- Italy.
- Asian and South American countries.

We have a lot of experience and our order processing is highly reliable.

- Q. What languages do you use for contact?

A. Currently, we are using English and Japanese. Please feel free to write us an email in English or Japanese.

- Q. Can I buy products or materials from other producers?

A. Yes, we can also sale products or materials from other producers, please send us an email for more information.

- Q. Can you deliver frames?

A. Currently we canft deliver frames outside Japan due to the glass included.

- Q. Can all the embroidery kits in the catalog be delivered overseas?

A. Yes, excluding No: 631`No: 796, because these kits have frames. If you need these kits, we can send them excluding the frame. Please send us an email and we will give you a special price.

- Q. I want to start embroidery, what should I buy first?

A. For starters you will need a Bunka embroidery needle, wooden frames and pins.

- Q. I have no experience, is it possible to start Bunka embroidery for me?

A. Yes, everyone can do it. We have a DVD for beginners (315 yen). Also you can learn by YouTube.

Should you have any questions,do not hesitate to contact us at
Looking forward to welcoming your contact.
Thank you!